Nov 28

Three Of Every Four Indian Seniors Choose Usa Visitors Insurance Plans

Most of the visitor health insurance companies in the USA have confirmed that three of every four Indian senior citizens age 55 through 70 years visiting their children or relatives in the USA are now choosing the Visitor Care Insurance coverage for an extended stay of over 90 days. It has been happening for the last five years and set a trend in the USA visitors insurance sector. Nearly about 5 6% insurers have shifted from standard visitor health insurance plans to those with pre existing medical condition coverage benefits for senior citizens travelling to the United States of America around the year. They may not have found pre existing medical conditions to choose for in their insured plans as some severe health conditions including stroke, heart attack, and brain hemorrhage come under pre existing condition clause and are not covered by all Visit USA Insurance plans. There are very limited Visitor Care Insurance plans that undoubtedly offer coverage for many such disastrous health conditions when purchased along with the option of pre existing medical coverage.

Visitor health insurance companies have noticed a rise in the number of applications for the newly introduced travel coverage plans with pre existing health conditions. These plans are available at low premium rates and allow people emergency coverage such as high BP, diabetes, and other kind of pre existing health problems that are commonly found in Indian seniors going to visit the USA. Since the launch of these medical insurance plans in February last year, the pre existing coverage option for seniors has become popular among USA visitors in the 50 to 70 age group.

The authorities of USA Visitors Insurance Corporations have taken this trend to be the result of increased awareness of senior Indians who want to derive maximum benefits through the pre existing health coverage policy. They want to enjoy perfect health care in diabetes, heart attack or other fatal diseases and pay the expensive medical bills using the pre existing health coverage programs. The visitor care insurance agencies are proudly serving the Indian students and working professionals with a reasonable choice to protect and care their visiting relatives or aged parents in an emergency. However, the success of these Visitor Health Insurance plans need participation of all kind of visitors starting from the healthy people to those having pre existing medical condition.

Suffering from chronic or typical health conditions and are unable to avoid them during their visit to the USA, more and more Indian seniors tend to select pre existing insurance plans. They prefer a comprehensive visitor care plan with pre existing coverage or a fixed insurance policy.

Fixed health insurance plans for visitors can be purchased by non USA seniors at low premium rates and refund an increased amounts based on the exclusive terms and conditions.


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