Insurance Guide

It would be nice to flash a magic wand and change a new insurance seller into a high-income life specialist. This is an insurance guide to all the steps an insurance seller must learn to ensure life specialist status will occur. You can even keep score to see how far along the journey you are.

The insurance guide below lists 50 topics that must be learned if you want to enhance yourself into becoming a true seller. This article will concentrate on selling skills that a life specialist gradually adapts until fully becoming an insurance expert. Insurance skills are earned and learned, seldom is there a born insurance seller. In fact an expert life specialist learns the delicate techniques of getting a prospect to want to buy, eliminating the seller pressure clouding over insurance trainees.

If you choose to score yourself in these areas, use the following point rating system. 0 score reflects not using currently. A score of 1 equals minor trial and error. A 2 score means occasional use. Scoring 3 relates to frequent use and adaptation. Achieving a 4 marks changing to a result producing upgrade. The score of 5 is reserved for excellent mastery. Print this out, and write your score in front of the skill area. Just being aware that all original methods that were taught will have to be changed. What you were originally taught ignored looking straight into the eye of the storm.

1. Replace the gigantic briefcase to a pocketed binder of essential product information

2. Bring a yellow pad and 3 new pens, one for you and two for prospects

3. Obtain business cards with title of specialist, professional, expert, consultant, etc. NOT “insurance agent”

4. Get business cards stressing your name, and degrees. Include insurance company only if required

5. Keep compass, maps, or GPS device in your car, along with excess supplies

6. Purchase giveaways for prospect, could be key chains, flashlights, ebooks, etc. Imprinting not necessary.

7. Picture making the sale, and the presentation as a formality before knocking on the door

8. Always request to always sit at a table with the prospects

9. Ask that the television or music be turned way down or off

10. Reschedule the presentation appointment if guests are over

11. Bring a phone camera to take picture of prospect’s pick of best item in their collection

12. If presentation is for husband and wife, never give to just one only

13. Never reveal the cost until you are good and ready

14. Refuse to come back if prospective client wants to think it over

15. Ask questions in a manner so a yes or no answer cannot be given

16. Avoid cold calling to complete strangers

17. Know the difference between a genuine prospect and a suspect

18. Find a list broker to highly define a list of the people you want to talk to

19. Acknowledge that wisely spending money on leads is an investment in yourself

20. Keep spending more time on appointments than on prospecting

21. Acquire the ability to throw away leads that will waste you time

22. Impose a lead procurement source from direct prospect mailings or internet leads

23. Remember that quality in prospecting, appointments, and closings far outweigh quantity

24. Learn objection handling until you learn to eliminate objections from ever occurring

25. Find motivational and action words to interject into your presentation

26. Write sales messages with bold attention getting headlines and the want to read on

27. Prospect by rewarding a person “lead” with something for letting you provide more information

28. Become a life specialist by learning at an expert level all about a couple products

29. Refuse to become an insurance seller of a complete product portfolio

30. Target your prospects and leads toward only a few products you want to specialize in

31. Practice with a friend or associate your sales presentation and take constructive criticism

32. Find out the correct emotional need your client has for needing insurance

33. Restructure parts of your presentation for flexibility, changes, and different products

34. Develop key selling phrases that work in almost every presentation

35. Explore the option of making two policies sales instead of one

36. Say, “You want to just pay yearly, and save some money, right?

37. Keep more of your eyes and talk focused toward the wife

38. Read motivational books to build your self-confidence level of yourself

39. Never rattle on about all your product benefits, focus only on a few major prospect benefits

40. Do not fear your competition, as your client rarely cares, and if so may not be a buyer

41. Never let price be an issue as you can let your prospect choose regular or deluxe

42. If a client has an inferior outdated policy, replace it without guilt

43. Make sure you get every prospect’s email address and email a monthly newsletter

44. Find a store with two for a dollar greeting cards and flood your client with them

45. Examine what you can do to increase your closing ratio by 10% at a time

46. Never follow what others in your office do or say, unless it is a life specialist

47. Do not expect to earn $100,00 yearly your first 6 years unless you become an expert

48. Start to broker business with an outside insurance carrier and get higher commissions

49. Make a realistic goal of becoming fully independent, in business for yourself only

50. Separate yourself from insurance sellers, as a life specialist does not sell, instead working with the prospect to buy insurance

If you kept score, and you are already at 150 points, you have a great insurance career ahead of you. If not, use this insurance guide containing 50 of the essential ingredients to raising your status and income. Start the makeover from insurance seller to life specialist right now.

Well published author, Don Yerke likes to concentrate on what you don’t know or what no one else dares to print. Tell it like it is.