A Medical Insurance Guide for You

Over the years with the advancement in medical technology and the increasing use of sophisticated diagnostic equipments, the cost of proper medical care and treatment had become increasing exorbitant and beyond the reach of many people. Indeed, without a health or medical insurance policy, if one should fall ill to any serious or terminal disease, the cost of seeking proper treatment can seriously set back one’s finances and derailed one’s financial plan. The benefits and importance of a health care plan cannot be emphasized enough. Hence, it is surely vital that a comprehensive health care plan and protection is an essential item in one’s financial plan.

If you are looking around for the right insurance plan and baffled by the different kinds of insurance plan available in the market, a health insurance guide summarized and listed below will help you to ensure that you have a comprehensive health care coverage:-

1. Your health plan should include a hospitalization and surgical insurance plan which covers room and board, laboratory fees, the use of special facilities, nursing care, prescription drugs and the medical supplies necessary for your treatment.

2. It is important that the costs of pre and post hospitalization treatment are covered in your plan.

3. Your plan should also include a critical illness plan whereby you will be able to receive a lump sum cash payment from the insurance company if you are diagnosed with any critical illness listed under the policy.

4. Another important inclusion is a hospital income plan that will provide you with income replacement should you be hospitalized due to any accident or illness.

5. The inclusion of a disability income plan that will cover your day to day expenses should you be unable to work due to an accident or illness.

Many people make the mistake of delaying the purchase of a health plan until they are at an older age or when they are ill. Due the changing working environment that we live in today, it is important to highlight that work stress and unhealthy eating habits has resulted in more young adults succumbing to heart attack and other illnesses normally associated with the elderly. Furthermore, accidents on the roads and even in the playing field happen daily. Therefore, with the exorbitant cost of medical treatment and medical care in hospitals these days, a comprehensive health care and medical insurance is an important financial security blanket and it is imperative that you should include it in your financial planning portfolio.